View Full Version : Screen shakes,blur bloom and other irritating unrealistic visual effects,cockpit view

03-27-12, 06:57 AM
I ma not playing rfactor 2 beta and i did not play rf1.I just started playing racing games.I did play before games like nfs but that was long time ago.
Now i bought a wheel and ihave tried some racing games like nfs shift,grid,dirt,lfs,f1 2011

My problem is next

I cant play using a chase cam,it feel like i am driving a toy car,so I started using cockpit view BUT the screen shakes are so irritating and very unrealistic.I feel like i am a camera in the game and not a man.In real life the brain compensate for the movement so you dont see like that.
I have seen some vids of this game on youtube and there is too much screen movement for my taste

Some people like that so I hope in this game there will be a slider for that effect.
The best for me is in lfs,in shift it is a joke.in dirt 3 also

also blur and bloom in most of those games,wtf is that?! I really dont understand why game developers add more and more of those effects.But probably that wont be the case in this game(I hope)

Also will there be a custom cam in this game like in lfs? i would like to use a view similar to this


since i have a whell I dont wont to see wheel and hands on the screen,but I do want to see the gauges

also view i have started using no is the so called bumper view.And it is good,a little strange at first.And at least in some games screen shakes are toned down in this view
I hope there will be an option to set the height for this view in this game

AND I would like an option to see only the gauges and mirror in this view,but with an option to change the placement of it on the screen

Luc Van Camp
03-27-12, 07:03 AM
Head movement can be adjusted on the Controller page.
In the Graphics page's right hand side column, there's an option for the steering wheel and arms in cockpit view.