View Full Version : simple toggle between h-shifting and paddle/sequential shifting

Guy Moulton
03-26-12, 09:30 AM
With some cars I prefer to use the h-shifter I have, with others I prefer to use paddle shifting. The problem is that it's easy to brush the gated shifter and shift into a gear by mistake if i reach for a button on that controller when I'm using paddle shifting. Obviously that's a bad thing. A toggle key in the controller options between gated and sequential/paddles would be a great addition to the game.

03-26-12, 09:52 AM
I made three controller profiles in game called "H", "P", and "S".
Each has the correct shift assignments for the car I am driving.
Unneeded shift commands are unbinded, in each profile.

04-01-12, 08:20 PM
not to disparage, but I can't imagine how they would implement that.
In controller setup, all it can do is register button pushes which are id'd as DX assignments. So you would still end up making a controller profile called (lets say) "shifter" and "paddles". Those they could maybe access after setting up a couple of keys to call up the profiles you designated to fill the two key slots.

What would be the point to more coding when you already have the choice of creating controller profiles that would let you choose between shifter and paddles (just as oldschool mentioned, I too have done this).

Really, I could be all wrong on this, its just my small opinion.

04-02-12, 06:35 AM
I get the point behind this. Adding hotkeys for your 2 or 3 favourite controller configurations is good idea, but i don't know if it would be so vital for the game. But on the other hand, you're online and you have just raced with 60's formulas and decide to go racing with touring cars. "Oh goodie, Megane Troyphy with Qualifyings just in progress!" And then you join the server. When you connect to the server qualifyings have just ended and race is about to start. At this point you sort of panic and hit the "race" button. You end up in the grid with H-pattern gearbox instead of "flappy paddle gearbox" like Clarkson would say. And we all know how many seconds that can affect per lap even on short track. There's no time to go back, and as stubborn as we humans are as species, we ain't gonna give up because of that unless the hell breaks loose.

And actually i'm thinking the next. I just downloaded the E-Kart mod last night. I had a blast with it. But i had to make some adjustmets for FFB & deadzones to make it playable.

Could we actually end up having different kind of controller setups that we could assign as serises specific. And this wouldn't be just buttons, but axis setups and FFB setups too. I had to rise the FFB multiplyer to 3.00 to get the wheel feeling realistic with karts, but FFB multiplyer 1.00 is enough with "normal" cars. That also raised one known problem, the FFB rattle. Could we have FFB deadzone adjustment too? Like we could have the vibration through the whole area of wheel rotation, but when wheel is straight (and car is going straight), We could have user adjustable deadzone for the center area so the rattle would not occour. Ofcourse when an impact to the car woud damage the steerning/wheel alignment, the deadzone adjustment woud automatically slide to new neutral steerning angle when the car would go straight on even surface. This could probably be caculated?

Guy Moulton
04-04-12, 07:45 AM
That'd work too. I like that idea- we choose a controller profile with each mod and that profile is sticky to that mod. I think it is important, because what Silent_alarm just posted is EXACTLY what I do. I suffer from CRS and Sometheimers and never change profiles.

04-05-12, 08:47 PM
I can see why you'd want to have custom profiles for each mod (iRacing has an option for it, which I really like), but not for this particular reason with the shifter and paddles. What wheel are you using?

On my Logitech G27, I don't have to change anything and I can switch between using sequential and H-pattern on the fly in-game, without changing anything. My paddles are set to Shift Up and Shift Down, and the H-Pattern is set to 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, etc plus Reverse. It doesn't matter what mod I'm using...if I press the paddle, it shifts. If I move the stick, it shifts. No reason to make another controller profile.

04-08-12, 05:37 AM
This is where different kind of peoples start to affect things. I like to race pretty much anything that has atleast 4 wheels. So that includes rallying, drifting, traditional racing and so on. And for example rallying and drifting relay heavily to use of a handbrake for initiating tighter and faster turns. Now i don't like to use a small button as a handbrake, and the 6 buttons on front of the wheel already have their job. I use the left side paddle behind the wheel for handbrake. It's big enough to get a easy grab. And that is before i'm building a seperate analog handbrake for myself. If there isn't supposed to be any use of handbrake like in traditional track racing, i'd rather have lights and wipers assigned to the paddles if i'm using stickshift. To be honest, i can't find the buttons i want from the wheel automatically, i need them to be placed like in real car to find them.

And just to say, there is many of us hoping for this option, but everyone has their own reasons for this. Even though i like g27 so much, it's not anywhere near perfect when it comes to having different kind of racing series. I'm gonna probably modify it so much that i need a second controller for the project. Then i'll be happy with just one controller profile. But before that, i need different kind of layouts for different racing series.

04-29-12, 12:38 PM
I've stated this before, but we should be able to link controller files to mods (and even individual cars).