View Full Version : Getting errors while loading track on multiplayer

03-23-12, 02:59 PM
So i couldn't find subject like this, might be blind...

So this is what i get, in singleplayer everything works like a charm.

In multiplayer everything goes well untill game starts to load a track, any track. (I've only been playing the official ISI 60's formulas online, so no knowledge about how the other mods work). When game has loaded about 4/5:th of the bar full, the loading freeses and i got to alt+tab to desktop. Then when i try to alt+tab back i get the generic looking windows infobox with ok button saying "Error loading vertex shader". After that i get "Error loading "MULTICAR2011.DFF"" and after that i get "Error loading "MULTICAR2011.BMP"".

And there are may of these boxes coming with the same texts, so i keep the "Enter" pressed until the boxes stop popping up and the loading screen pops back. After that the game runs fine while in chatroom etc. But after driving for some 0 to 30 minutes, game suddently freeses while driving. My car sounds end up looping, but I can hear the other cars passing by. It starts to run again after some time, few minutes or so, and freeses again after some time.

I have tryed to uninstall and install again all the mods, no help.

Any ideas? I'm gonna go for formatting the harddrives some day soon if there ain't some magic fix for this and i get the spare time. Got a feeling that the Windows 7 is acting up and needs a good cleaning.

03-24-12, 08:49 AM
And as i just explored my hard drive, the game folders actually include only "Multicar.MAS"

Re-Install, here i come...


Okay, it was nothing that a re-install wouldn't fix. Now game is loading properly and online racing is stable.