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03-23-12, 12:47 PM
What about to have comprehensive standalone software to manage an Offline Championship? Offline fun is being neglected since online racing boom. But I'd say it's not a clever strategy. ISI could sell many more copies of RF2 if it would be practical to create and manage a custom and balanced (real-life like) championship by using a friendly-use interface (sliding bars, check boxes and so on). No more text editing!

It would be useful in four aspects:

Automatically tweak infinite PLR, HDV, TBC, INI, AIW, PM, GDB, RCD and other file parameters in order to achieve a championship exactly as you want in terms of failures rates, fuel retirements, participants, tracks, dates and timing of races and so on. The Championship Editor's code must have built the correction formulas to calculate the adjust factors.
Not necessary to have hundreds of RF installations in your HD anymore.
Preserve the original Mod files by preventing Notepad editing and avoiding online mismatches for who like to race offline often and have to keep the original files for their online leagues.
Not anymore necessary to go online to get fun when you didn't practise enough. Not more being a unintentional crasher nor a moving chicane. The online-only players would be grateful when offline racing becomes something viable.

The target would be: have a unique *.XXX file which will be created by Championship Editor. This editor will compare the track and cars selected parameters and will calculate the required corrections in order to have a championship exactly as you want. The modifications in those parameters are virtual: they’ll be stored in *.XXX file and will not screw your mod’s files. No more mismatches.

Generally speaking, the Editor should be able to gather all relevant parameters in their respective text files (track and car), recalculate to adjust the mod defaults to your personal championship settings (failure rates, fuel retirements, number of participants per class, etc.) and store the tweaked values in that *.XXX file.
In addition, it would be good to get to following currently impossible features:

Set how many cars per class and exactly what cars you want participating of championship without notepading.
Ability to force two tyre compounds (as F1 rules)
As said, set the desirable failures rates for fuel, engine, suspension, electrical preferable per each track. The set of virtual calculated values will be used only when you log in the championship.

Well, for who are able to create a complex tyre model as we see in RF2, it’s not a big deal.

03-25-12, 11:16 AM
I second this wholheartedly.

As rfactor1 hat many shortcomings regarding offline play it would be wise to open up rfactor2 for more offline gaming. It's a market where rfactor definitely can easier gain a better market share, whereas the online market really is a red ocean.

03-25-12, 01:39 PM

03-25-12, 04:42 PM
Agreed - plus better ability to separately edit qualifying and race performance of AI cars - sometimes they are slow in qual but good in race, or vice versa, I can edit most things but can't seem to adust this aspect.

03-30-12, 06:45 PM
I agree with this also - I got completely fed up with online racing after my experience at iRacing. I doubt I'll ever want to do it again.

I am only interested in an offline championship.

05-14-12, 10:45 AM

in Rfactor1 there's the CTPD Season Manager that is so handy! Something as simple as that would already be enough.

For me auto racing is all about a season, I'm a points standings freak :)

05-16-12, 09:47 AM
+1 and you earned a +rep point :)

05-17-12, 01:56 PM

05-17-12, 02:49 PM
I think to get a complex Offline Championship Editor/Results program we need a community member/team to create one (like many other Wish List items). Cant see this being in ISIs to-do list unfortunately.

Great thinking though, I'd love a proper program with all the above involved in it.

Guy Moulton
05-17-12, 09:32 PM
Agreed. A nice polished championship would attract plyers JUST for that content. And heck, if you are going to make some cars and tracks to ship with rF2, why not make them all from the same championship and use it as your hook?

05-25-12, 02:38 PM
in Rfactor1 there's the CTPD Season Manager that is so handy!

Well why not to convert this one for RF2?? thats it! :))

06-20-12, 12:04 PM
+1 and you earned a +rep point :)

Thank you.

06-20-12, 12:11 PM
Well why not to convert this one for RF2?? thats it! :))

Actually CTPD Editor is indeed useful, but it's still very limited. GTR2 had a more comprehensive one which I don't remember who whas the creator. But both of them fail to achieve all recquired features to obtain a good ofline championship. Let see in RF2.

06-20-12, 11:46 PM
Bump this baby!


Please ISI! :D