View Full Version : VMOD Issue with the 1.1 version of Mills Metro

03-20-12, 03:32 PM

Posted this in the Component and Mod Packaging forum but it has been suggested to report as a bug as others are getting the same issue. Previous thread Here (http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/4642-Mills-Metro-VMOD-Issue)

I have made a vmod for the Meganes containing all the ISI tracks (just single player for testing) and When i add the Mills Metro 1.1 to the packager it shows 3 layouts Inner Loop C and Outer Loop A and B and i select all three.

When i select the vmod in game it only has the two layouts from the 1.0 version, Inner Loop C and Outer Loop B, missing the new loop from the GT mod.

Any ideas why the third layout is missing in game or is this something deliberate, or am i missing something.

If you need a copy of the vmod or anything else, just let me know.


Marco Bijl
03-21-12, 02:57 AM
Perhaps some additional info, as I have confirmed the issue, and tested it as well.

I used:

Build 69
Installed GT mod via regular install from the launcher.
MAS2.exe Version 2.91e to make the vmod.
Registred ID via Launcher to be able to host it
Selected ONLY ISI default content, no further custom content.

Issue occurs when selecting tracks when setting up the server, so even before the server is actually up and running.