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03-18-12, 12:12 PM
This is a topic about which one has not spoken practically anything up to the moment. Some time ago that said something of classifications but little more is known.

I would like to see something more than just a list with the names of the servers. Today, with this trendy of Web 2.0, where almost everyone has an account in Facebook, or Twitter, where everything is interconnected, I would like the multiplayer have a greater social component.

I would like to be able more benefit from the Player tab. Having a friend list, visit their Player tab, see their data, kilometers, results, hotlaps,most used mods, connect directly to the server where they are running, download their ghosts, setups, and communicate with them across MiniMessages inside the game. It could do hundreds of things, this are just some basic ideas.

Another interesting option would be to be able create a server quickly and easily with any car on any track across a graphical interface inside of the own game . By not using Mod ID, anyone who had installed components could enter. In the list of servers could add an option that would show information about the components used in the sevidor with a link to an external server option to download the components.

03-18-12, 12:51 PM
Fantastic ideas.

03-18-12, 05:16 PM

03-30-12, 10:56 PM
Voice chat in multiplayer.

Drop-down box selection in the server filter menu.

04-02-12, 07:39 AM
Use Teamspeak... Let ISI worry about the game.

04-07-12, 05:11 AM
Yeah, teamspeak can handle the voice chat, that's good enough for us.

But one thing i would like NOT to see is some sort of attachmet/plug-in for facebook, twitter etc. That is just basically repulsive and abusive use of social media considering other peoples that get auto-updates for the information if you have played something, gained an achievement or something like that. It comes posted under your name so there is no way to turn it off unless the player themselves do it. And most of the people are not interested if you accomplished something on virtual track.

You have probably noticed this yourselves too but i'll tell you a example about this problem. My friend had connected his PS3 account to the FB, and every time he changed the game, gained an achievement or something else, a update came to his wall. Now there wouldn't be problem if it would be 1 or 2 along the day. But being an achievement hunter and playeing many different games during the day... it's just not the point to have 40 or 50 seperate updates in 3 hours about how your friend has been less or more succesful playing some games. Now my friend got noted by this and instantly realised the problem so he disconnected his PS3 and FB accounts. Good lad.

Social media is SUPPOSED to be used as a place for telling other peoples how you've been, sharing some photos and moments and discussing about different kind on interests. It shouldn't be used as a spam/marketing site. Sure i can accept the normal ads on the side, that's why i have adblock plugin so i don't see them and get annoyed by them. But some sort of spam marketing by my friends PS3 connected FB profile, that's a bit harsh.

Now what i would like to see is Player ID card that was suggested by Mulero. That is just brilliand idea. I would like to know how much i have driven, and how much had that other guy driven when he/she made that really great pass from inside and what kind of racing he's preferring, is he just taking a spin with other series or is this his homeground. Also some sort of friends list would be really nice, it wouldn't matter what server you're using, your best racing companions could find you instantly to have that great battle again for better placement.

And if you could mark tracks as favourites so others could look up what tracks you have marked as "favourite" to find new ones they could possibly enjoy, that would be nice :)

04-08-12, 03:26 PM
-1 for facebook, hate it and don't have an account.

04-08-12, 05:35 PM
I think, also, information like numer of racing laps, practice & qualy duration,weather,cars allowed etc, shoud be displayed before joining a session.

04-09-12, 05:39 AM
-1 for facebook, hate it and don't have an account.

Same here.

Let it be in game only, like in Star Craft 2. You can see each other's profiles, etc.

04-09-12, 08:14 AM
I think, also, information like numer of racing laps, practice & qualy duration,weather,cars allowed etc, shoud be displayed before joining a session.


04-21-12, 12:42 AM
non participant could drive and control the pace car.