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03-17-12, 09:21 AM
I have been considering the past month or so since the release of rF2 (beta). Clearly ISI has gotten a lot of the desires of users fixed in the new beta offering. The one area that concerns me is the MODID method of controlling the tracks and cars. I am not a mod maker. I am just a racing enthusiast who looks forward to a racing game that provides a realistic simulation to motor sports. I think ISI actually has a handle on this part of this game. The area that concerns me is the inane method that the MODID system creates for online play. It seems to me that the current system was created without any consideration as to why people buy and play online racing games. They buy the game so that they can join others, online, and race any number of car types, on a myriad of tracks not only from around the world, but in time, spanning almost a century. Sometimes I have raced cars from the 60ís on 60ís era tracks for an hour or so, and then moved on to the fantastic Endurance cars at tracks that are less than a decade old on line with as many as ten guys from six countries. Unless something changes in the way cars and tracks are admitted into the racing arena, and more specifically into online games, rF2 might just end up on my bookshelf with the dozen or so race games that I bought and paid for, but no longer have installed on my computer.
So, how can this be fixed? Perhaps the most sensible method for the gamer is to select a game he desires to play, note that he does not currently have the required mod, and be able to download it from a central point provided by ISI as he prepares to enter the game. It appears ISI is determined to control everything else, they should then provide a method that allows for simple compliance on the part of the players. If that is the ultimate intent, ISI should be upfront and let the community know, very soon. Failing there, rF2 may well become another flash in the pan.

03-17-12, 11:21 AM
That was the longest sentance i have ever seen, well done.

Bare in mind the modid thingy is to counter mismatches etc which where a big problem in rf1 and also responsible for empty servers.
Also ISI has already expressed they 'might' reconsider some of the restrictions in the modid (this would mean induvidual tweaks like different sounds etc would be allowed as far as i understand, making the system abit more flexible)

But most importantly the fact that this current beta is to adress the modding issues, your points have been made quite a few times allready.

You are asking ISI to control mod distribution. i think that is impossible to do. perhaps even from a legal point not likely either.

One thing that could satisfy you has been requested as well a few times: more info in the modid-window when clicking on a server. server admins could perhaps add more info manualy like where to get their mods or server files.
As a league admin this would greatly help us as well, those not able to join our server would simply check the server-info, go to our site and download/install the files needed. very helpfull and user friendly, good for recruiting.

I realy hope ISI can do something in that area in the server list/server info

03-19-12, 03:11 PM
I dont know much about the modding end but is ther some glaring reasion why the mods cant be downloaded from the server ? Like other MP games if you dont have the Map/trac/ mod /what ever it is it gives you the option to download it right ther .. ??

Since this is The wish list forum that would be my wish ..

It's probly been explaned already why this cant be done but it would solve all the mod probs for MP :p