View Full Version : Palm Beach Pits Screen Flickering

03-16-12, 02:49 PM
I just ran a couple private practice sessions at Palm Beach International Raceway, and noticed that when pulling back into the garage area, the screen begins flickering to a black screen. It's off-and-on as you pull in, and then by the time you're in the garage area, it goes all black. Everything is fine in the background, just the screen goes black.

Circuit Detail ... Full
Player Detail ... Full
Opponent Detail ... High
Texture Detail ... Full
Texture Filtering ... Trilinear
Special Effects ... Full
Shadows ... High
Shadow Blur ... On
Movies ... On
Sun Occlusion ... Yes
Rain Drops ... Yes
Road Reflection ... Yes
Environment Reflection ... Yes
Wind and Crowd Motion ... Yes

1440 x 900
Anti-Aliasing ... Level 3
Sync ... Off
FXAA ... On
HDR ... On

03-16-12, 05:45 PM
By the way, this was posted with Build 68, but the flickering and blackout still occurs under Build 69.

Also, I ran some more, this time with a few different settings:

Opponent Detail ... increased to Full
Texture Filtering ... increased to 16x Anisotropic
Shadows ... increased to Max

And now the issue is gone. Most of these occurrences were in private test sessions (all AI booted), so perhaps it's something to do with the shadows or texture filtering settings?