View Full Version : Driving academy (xp points needed to join online public servers)

03-09-12, 08:56 PM
Driving academy to earn points (to each mod) so you can participate on certain public servers.

Seting up your car correctly, driving well and fast:
-Get XP points for doing 10 laps (all numbers and situations in here as example) without wear your tires at some level.
- XP points for not get engine too hot in a 10 lap race
- XP points when your brakes operate in optimun temperature in entire race
- XP points for complete 10, 15, 30, 50 laps race without crashing
- XP points for driving in ideal line (from nfs shift)
- XP points for beating lap time estipulated
- XP points for beating sector time (from gt5)
- XP points for good pit stop strategy
- XP point for pole positions, for podiums, for first places, for championships
Higher ai difficult, more XP points
Less driving aids, more XP points
more damage level, more XP points

sorry my english