View Full Version : [UI] MFD + Other HUD Components

Sam Moss
03-05-12, 04:07 PM
First of all could the texture FITINGAME01 be controlled by HUD and not UI Menu's so flags etc can be custom to each HUD. It makes sense as UI Menu is for background game and HUD is for on track ;) As well as the position icons on the lap bars :cool:

Also it would be good if less things are hard coded in the MFD boxs. Currently it seems you can#t even change Font style by using FONT=xyz.tga in the HUD's .ini file, only scaling. What if each one of the MFD lines had its own entity.

This is a dash I created for video and data logging software called Track Vision.

It simply uses a .png file with an alpha layer for the background, and all the data displayed uses windows font that is displayed in a box from an XY co-ordinate exactly how the HUD box's are drawn in rF2. The data shown is simply called up from an Entity, so speed might be [Speed_MPH], revs might be [RPM].

This could be used for the MFD box so instead of having it all hard coded break it down, so in pit window you could have [PITFUEL], [PITDAMAGE], [PIT_TYRE_LF] etc, this would enable modders to alter the layout of the HUD units that seem to be currently hard coded into the game.

This would then allow us to break down the MFD pages, instead of having MFD A etc you could say support up to 10 MFD box's and allow us to place the normal information in extra box's to break it down a bit and not hog a good corner of the screen :)

Next it would be good if rev counters worked properly. Currently they are set to 8,000 rpm which is fine for meganes but useless for the Historic F1's that rev to 10,000 rpm. Instead why not set the limit at 100% and then have 100 steps from say 200 degrees at 0 rpm to 45 degrees at 10,000 rpm. This would also enable digital huds to work like motec systems.