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03-03-12, 12:41 AM
Being someone who admins a league, this subject has always been on my mind , but more so now that Rfactor 2 with wet weather is closer to release.

Although this also can relate hand in hand to graphic performance, for online races, being able to turn off rain spray , to me can be a cheat to some extent.

This makes me wish that this could be frozen as on, sorta in same way allowed aids are controlled by admin. I dont want to cause anyone unfair lag, but also dont want someone to be able to cheat in wet conditions while more honest drivers are struggling to see thru spray

This also can be a issue for races on dirt..how can you say eat my dust ..when they have dust turned off

--Also on seperate subject..wish to modders, that different tire compounds, hard, soft, wet , intermediates, could have some subtle differences in markings (besides tread in some cases) ...this would make it easier in races when there is 2nd driver or Crew chief ...to inform driver of rival pit changes