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  1. (Dedicated Server) missing option to setup two consecutive races on the same track
  2. in game tyre temp display
  3. as Plugin developer. we need handle of back buffers.
  4. 5 things I really would like to see in future releases...
  5. More in car activities & Moving pitcrew
  6. Player and AI pit and garage idea
  7. Texture animation maps for more flag signals (Track features)
  8. Few important things related to temperature management and changeable weather
  9. More FFB filters please
  10. Specular and Rain reflections on different mapping channels (Track Features)
  11. Ability to enforce pit in/out lines (Track Features)
  12. Practice, Qualify, and Race - Each have their own time acceleration settings
  13. Attach camera to moving object ie Helicopter..
  14. Benchmark utility.
  15. country flag next to server and player
  16. 3ds max 2013 plugins
  17. expand "specs supplied" on wheels etc.
  18. Option to turn off real rear view mirror when virtual mirror is enabled.
  19. RealRoad Material with less calories
  20. Missing changing force on steering if front wheels are loosing grip
  21. real feel?
  22. Atmosphere building devices
  23. Organizing tracks in menu by category
  24. smoothing groups
  25. Perpetual Demo Mode
  26. Possibility to raise your arm
  27. Formula Renault 3.5 Sounds arent THAT bad...
  28. Easier porting of cars/track between the game proper and DevMode
  29. Software to convert mods from rf1 to rf2 (if it is possible)
  30. User interface (re)design?
  31. GrindingTranny plugin technologic implemented on rf2
  32. Will pitstops all be the same length?
  33. My wish
  34. behavior of the car
  35. Needs To Happen For Profit
  36. Improve the system to create the track reflections
  37. Complete Moding Instructions (after the rf2 release)
  38. Seasons
  39. Separate key assignations and FFB settings from controller.ini
  40. My biggest wish: Workable Anti Cutting Measures
  41. Realistic Shifting + clutch - Sequential Gearbox, DSG etc.
  42. Keep it up, RF2 still closer to the reality.
  43. Algorithm for disputes between different levels of riders.
  44. Different Shadow options
  45. Improve the Mod Mgr
  46. Concerns about future Mods & Updates
  47. Proper Starter Simulation
  48. Engine Map Change
  49. HUD should show actual tire pressures not the one from setup
  50. Rear Flap System - acoustic signal
  51. Better Custom Skin Support
  52. Forums layout
  53. Wish list ...... X2 simple things ( pretty please (-: )
  54. Garage - Setup and tuning menu animations
  55. Colors. Please add a saturation adjust if these colors are going to be this silly
  56. In game gamma/brightness adjustment.
  57. Bleeder Valves for tires
  58. Grid size, smarter garage spots and pit stops
  59. We need more session/event format options for different types of racing!! Heat Races!
  60. [Audio] Sound pitch in kerb hitting, affected by car speed
  61. Freedom of will
  62. Improved night lighting.
  63. replay overall volume option
  64. Pit Crew as changeable Component
  65. Left Steering Cars
  66. Voice chat & spotter-just checking
  67. Bending, Torsion and Damage Modelling
  68. Hillclimb/rally support?
  69. Cockpit FOV reduction/correction ( not outer car fov )
  70. Number of stint laps in test
  71. 'Add Other Components' - Package names relating to the Mod name
  72. Non-Checking Objects exempt list
  73. DTM
  74. Seperating Offline Tracks with Online Tracks
  75. Full track names in dedicated server
  76. apparent damage
  77. In-game Select or Drag & Drop UI for Offline racing
  78. sound device
  79. Save Button
  80. Fashion camera
  81. Track surface age slider
  82. Isle of Man TT Circuit - The single most challenging circuit in the world
  83. Brands hatch
  84. In the Name of all or many Drivers...is my Big Wish
  85. [Setup] Independent brake cooling settings
  86. Save game - no player
  87. Look ahead
  88. tools plugins 3dmax 64bit versions
  89. Track - Cadwell Park
  90. Seat position ajustment & blackout dash. -higher range ajustments
  91. Replays : showing steering wheel when although it's switched off in graphic options
  92. [TRACK TEXTURES] photorealistic textures
  93. Extra buttons for mods (e.g. Kers button)
  94. bookmark from rF1
  95. Wish List - Real Side Mirror's adjustability.
  96. World movement
  97. Track - Mid Ohio
  98. IR5 Support
  99. Reset car on track option needed
  100. AI Improvements
  101. H Shifter: no gear changing without Clutch
  102. Any kind of Rolex Grand Am, Le Mans, ALMS, or WEC series
  103. Some features
  104. Brake bias pre-adjustment via buttons(H shifter)
  105. Movable objects to stay attched to another object..
  106. How to make All Cars & Tracks Mod better
  107. Partial Cockpit View="1" - option for nose & front wing
  108. [Graphics] Independent POVs for mirrors
  109. Race of Champions
  110. [Graphics] Adjustable virtual mirrors
  111. Spinning Halfshafts
  112. Mordern Brianza
  113. Wishlist for next Build!
  114. Bonnet / TV Cockpit Cameras
  115. Support for 3ds Max 2013
  116. Be able to refuel during a pitstop in a practice session.
  117. Search Engine for Online Race Page
  118. A full support of the Fanatec wheels and the clubsport pedals
  119. Better organisation of setups for different cars and formulas
  120. Wish for driver names on car windows
  121. Better mirror adjustment methods
  122. Trailer support
  123. Pit Stop for bad actions
  124. More replay functionality
  125. Continental Tire Sports Car Series
  126. Wipe Marbles off between sessions/race days
  127. AI wishes...and Yellow Flag Zone Penalties
  128. A 'boot all AI' (vote)button.
  129. Ghost Racing against own lap time or saved laps
  130. Podium stage animation sequence, shaking champagne bottles
  131. possibility to conf button to go track/start driving(not using mouse like now)
  132. adjustable driving views file in the PLR folder.....
  133. Whats about Hybrid racing Cars with boost and recuperation function
  134. Request for LCD Mode scroll option and brake balance increment
  135. Additional Lap Time information during track time
  136. visual effects: sparks and LED light
  137. [Modmanager] Mod type selector
  138. Fix AI Strength missreported
  139. Custom positions of in-car UI elements
  140. Opponent cars volume
  141. [Graphics] Quality of shaders for wet surface
  142. @ISI: Access to all tracks in multiplayer mode
  143. FOV and camera position (cockpit)
  144. replay video making utility
  145. A HUD display just of the gear indication
  146. Support for 3dsMax 2013 (32bit)
  147. Possible to turn off real mirrors when using virtual mirror(s).
  148. AI skill level based on your lap times
  149. Damage seriously needed on next update
  150. Server Edition
  151. rf2 identificator in result files
  152. Expanded Menus with all rF2 Settings
  153. Longford
  154. rubber buildup on track to differ depnding on tires?
  155. Passenger acces to pit menu
  156. rFactor 1 Keepers
  157. info about driving aids in lap times table
  158. Corner display on screen.
  159. Formula One Cars in rFactor 2
  160. Rally Mod
  161. saving default setup for all tracks
  162. rfactor pro selling us lidar tracks
  163. A couple of small (and bigger) wishes
  164. More intelligent AI in the pit lane and/or ghosts in the pit lane
  165. Better layout images for ISI tracks
  166. Support for Oculus Rift HMD
  167. rF1-like car system
  168. Would like to see Group-C mod for rF2.....
  169. Driver template
  170. More 60's classic tracks please
  171. [track] New Monaco layout
  172. Remove AI accelerator pumping
  173. Selectable side monitors angle for triple screens users
  174. Individual Sessions with individual weather
  175. Controlling weather through the plug-in interface
  176. Dirt - Timescale
  177. Chat with race Admin
  178. Default View
  179. These features would make rFactor2 a BOMB
  180. External rear view Mirror?
  181. Track Variation Naming
  182. Start Time "anytime" not in blocks of 30mins
  183. Slower Slo-Motion for Replays
  184. New FFB option : front wheels % feeding forces
  185. Secondary Options for the Settings
  186. Adjust AI Strength depending on Opponents/Mod
  187. queue on the server
  188. Hillclimbers club
  189. editing
  190. Onscreen RPM+Speed Counter
  191. If 'vehicle set' can't work for Fanatec, then please please raise the steering locks
  192. under-car shadow in the mirror
  193. More time spent for ISI car sounds + improvement ideas
  194. Production car stuff
  195. Online : disappear car during lag sync
  196. Bringing back Rfactor 1's lobby chat
  197. Replay functions - more tv like
  198. Change number if already allocated
  199. Multiple Class Winners in one Race wish / idea..
  200. Starter Motor
  201. Safety Car Lights
  202. New Build for rf2
  203. Request for several small improvements
  204. steering / throttle / brake vibration sliders
  205. Vehicle Damage
  206. big wish: Hire Niels Heusinkveld to work in physics development
  207. Get mod - not download bits you have
  208. Realistic abs and TC
  209. Escape forbidden and things
  210. telemetry
  211. McLaren F1 mod
  212. Please: Ability to set different time accel for practice, qualy, and race.
  213. Headcam view without cockpit.
  214. Off track forces for motion rigs
  215. Vibration for Fanatec Wheels
  216. My wish list
  217. Safety Car filter on rFM (randomly choose a SC)
  218. Gear selection and other info
  219. pit in/out
  220. About the 'classic protoype' (Lola T70)
  221. Different glove options
  222. FIA WEC mod
  223. Dynamic Track Surface with oil/coolant patches etc
  224. NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
  225. mods
  226. 2012 Lola Indycar Concept
  227. Dont change tires in practice?
  228. Realistic T-cam view in mirrors...
  229. Change driver in the race
  230. View position
  231. Forum suggestion for controller .ini/player alts & option settings
  232. Flags in the Replays
  233. Fill the Music-Folder
  234. Puddles!
  235. Motion blur on wheels...
  236. Steering damper and play
  237. 1967 F2 track with probably free licensing
  238. Oculus Rift (3D/Virtual Reality) Support
  239. Engine brake map on the fly adjustment
  240. your own mp3's as menu music?
  241. Chaparral Cars, 2D at `66 1000km of Nurburgring
  242. Long tracks to drool for
  243. Jump to specific Onboard Camera
  244. max cars per class
  245. Did these tracks ever come to rF1 and will they come to rF2?
  246. Eletric cars
  247. Support UTF-8 for translate rF2 on the Russian language
  248. Is rfactor 2 going 64 bit ?
  249. Basic Hardware Support
  250. Support for non-qwerty?